Sustainability ︎

Designing to last
The collection is designed in order to last for longevity. Each piece has been designed and manufactured with a great deal of care, time and consideration so that they are contextually versatile, of high quality and aren’t trend led.

Sourcing surplus materials In the production and development of this collection, I have  predominately sourced my yarns from Denier studios who sell industry surplus yarns in the most beautiful colours. 

Production methods I have developed and produced this collection using zero waste methods by re-working every yarn and fabric off-cut back into the designs through either tufting, fabric reinforcement or needle punch. 

Sourcing The fabrics and yarns used in the development sampling stage through to the final collection were either made from natural fibres, sourced from charity shops, re-used fabrics or off-cuts from the ECA sublimation printing room.    

Little electricity used during production The majority of this collection has been produced by hand and without the use of machinery in order to reduce electricity usage.

Re-using toiles and unused fabric The labels, dust bags and calico backing used on four pieces in the collection were all made from re-using previous projects toiles which I no longer need. Another three pieces in the collection were made from a unusable, torn cotton bedsheet. 

The lifecycle of the collection
This collection is aimed at the high-end interior market, those who care for quality and sustainably sourced materials. The pieces are bespoke and unique, handcrafted and made to order for interior spaces. 

In terms of lifecycle, these pieces are designed to be precious, objects that will be looked after and nursed for a lifetime. They are made to a high quality however should also, like anything high end and timeless, needs to be used in a considered and careful way. These pieces can only be handwashed with cold water and even that isn’t advised unless absolutely necessary. This is because the majority of pieces in the collection have been felted using wool which will shrink and ware if machine washed. Despite using high quality and natural materials, they are not indestructible and therefore depending on the amount of ware and what function the pieces are performing, they can be refreshed with new yarn whenever necessary. This means that they have longevity and encourage the act of mending rather than disposing and replacing.